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Leblanc Natural Products are part of the brand
portfolio of Wampole Inc. Founded in 1893 by
Henry K. Wampole, it was the first registered
pharmaceutical company in Canada. Today, all the
brands owned by Wampole Inc. are still subject to
the strictest quality control standards.

Wampole Inc. brands are committed to helping all
Canadians achieve optimal health and optimal well-being.
Specifically, Leblanc Natural Products seeks a
comprehensive approach whose first goal is to attain
the optimization of results in people with different
health conditions.

The cleansing or detoxification cure, today known as Triolax, had emerged in the early 80’s. Soon, the positive results in patients with multiple symptoms allowed Leblanc Natural Products to focus not only on symptoms but on the origin of pain.

Later, the company turned to the comprehensive approach of weight management and obesity. This expertise has enabled Leblanc Natural Products to develop a wide range of slimming products: Controlex, Flat-Stomach, Lypozik and Target Slim.

The products of Leblanc Natural Products are the result of over 30 years of expertise in the field of natural health.

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